A new recently published paper acknowledged the contribution of COACCH project. The paper, authored by K. van Ginkel, F. Dottori, L. Alfieri, L. Feyen and E. Koks, was published by Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS).

Non-technical summary

River floods are among the most costly natural hazards and are projected to increase due to climate change. We introduce a new model which calculates flood damage for all individual road sections in Europe, from the largest 2*5-lane motorways to the tiniest alleys in cities. Earlier models could not accurately calculate flood damage to road networks on large spatial levels such as countries or entire continents. Moreover, they provided little perspective of action to national road operators, because the damage could not be pinpointed to individual road segments. In this study, we show how a continental scale risk assessment can be done with damage calculations for all individual roads with their specific characteristics, so that flood hotspots can be identified. This is important, because flood risk studies are increasingly used to support decision making on climate adaptation and to make targeted resilient infrastructure investments.

The full paper can be accessed here