This web page will give access to the COACCH Climate change impacts & policy simulator: a user-friendly, open access, interactive, multilevel web interface allowing interested users to access and play with all the project tools, data, assumptions and results.

It will consist of two sections (levels):
an interactive data plot targeted at a non-technical audience mostly interested in project results (business, policy making, general public). It will enable users to visualize COACCH’s results concerning the economic costs of climate change at different scales (EU-wide, national, regional, gridded) for different socio-economic and climate scenarios, under different policy regimes (adaptation and mitigation). It will thus enable users to visualize COACCH’s results on the implications of different adaptation and mitigation policies, including hotspot regions/sectors in terms of economic costs over different time horizons, accounting for tipping points and large impact events.

a scenario explorer targeted at the research community and more advanced users interested in exploring the sensitivity of quantitative results to different model assumptions. The scenario explorer will enable the research community to 1) explore COACCH’s results on climate change risks across regions/sectors at different scales (EU-wide, national level, regional level), 2) explore COACCH’s results on economic costs and damages over different time horizons, accounting for tipping elements and large impact events, 3) explore sensitivity of the economic costs and damages of climate change to key parameter values, and 4) download data.