This summer, COACCH project has submitted two new deliverables to the European Commission:

D4.2 Sectoral assessments of policy effectiveness PRE-APPROVED

D4.3 Macroeconomic assessment of policy effectiveness PRE-APPROVED

The first one (D.4.2) substantiates that part of the activity of COACCH Task 4.2 consisting of assessing policy effectiveness for European policy makers and includes a
set of case studies examining policy effectiveness from sectoral and thematic perspectives. More specifically, this report elaborates on main findings on: Policy effectiveness in agriculture; Policy effectiveness in industry and business.

The second one (D4.3) is composed of four chapters: first, new damage functions are created using biophysical and economical impacts from previous COACCH work. Second, these functions are used in Integrated Assessment Models to evaluate the macro-economic impacts and provide cost-benefit optimal policy recommendations. Third, the damage functions are applied using a higher spatial detail to Europe to perform hotspot analysis on the NUTS2 and city-level. Finally, not only the climate damages are assessed: also the macro-economic impacts of national adaptation strategies are assessed.

Read them and all the previously submitted ones here