The second call of the ERA4CS Exchange action for Officers “Joint Capacity building for climate services policy” is now open.

The results of the first call are available here.

As a result of ERA4CS Task 8.3, a pilot experiment for co-alignment of Climate Services was defined, led by AEI (Spain) with the collaboration of CNRS (France).

The main objective of the call is to conduct a pilot experiment for the institutional alignment that could serve as a test for future and wider alignment actions in the area of Climate Services. The final aim is to contribute to aligning R&D programmes, tools/instruments and/or climate-related agendas of the participating countries.

The call is open for countries participating  in  ERA4CS  or  JPI  Climate  member  countries.  Participation  of  institutions  from other European Union Member States or Associated Countries is welcome.  The goal is to promote and fund short visits of executive level or other high level technical staff in relevant institutions that are climate services providers, including national meteorological agencies.

The deadline of the 2nd call is 30 September 2019. Visits should take place between September 2019 and February 2020.

Find more information on ERA4CS website