Following the approval of the IPCC Special Report on 1.5 °C in the past weeks, the associated Scenario Explorer was released by IAMC and hosted by IIASA. The Explorer includes the underlying 1.5C pathway and comprises the scenario ensemble of quantitative, model-based pathways underpinning the assessment in Chapter 2 of the IPCC Special Report. Compared to earlier similar scenario databases, the explorer is based on a new software with an interactive interface allowing easy access and analysis of the underlying data.

You may access the explorer here.

The Scenario Explorer will be presented, tested and discussed at IAMC 11th Annual Meeting which will be held this week, from November 13th to November 15th in the city of Seville, Spain. The meeting is kindly hosted by the European Commission, Joint Research Centre. The CMCC  hosts the IAMC Secretariat.

The IAMC annual meeting is a scientific meeting intended for peer sharing and vetting. The meeting is open to researchers from organizations involved in integrated assessment modelling and their research collaborators. The meeting is designed to allow researchers to share developments in methods, models and data. It is not intended for the general public or press. Individual researchers are free to share their findings with the press as they wish outside of the meeting. However, at the meeting itself participants are expecting to be able to freely discuss their work off the record. Hence, press-related activities, including filming and direct quotes, are not appropriate.

The purpose of the IAMC Annual Meeting is to:

  1. present and discuss the state of the art in integrated assessment modeling;
  2. review the status of ongoing community activities including both multi-model studies and the activities of the IAMC Scientific Working Groups;
  3. facilitate interaction with collaborating communities;
  4. evaluate and revisit the priorities of the integrated assessment community.

Download the detailed scientific programme (updated on November 10th, 2018).

For more information, visit: