On March 15th, 2018, at DG CLIMA premises in Bruxelles, the COACCH project started its deep stakeholder engagement activity. A COACCH research team composed by Francesco Bosello (CMCC), Onno Kuik (VU), Jenny Troeltzsch (ECOLOGIC), and Paul Watkiss (Paul Watkiss Associates), met high level DG CLIMA staff composed by, in strict alphabetical order, Manuel Carmona Yebra, Claus Kondrup, Alessandra Sgobbi, Tom Van-Ierland, Elena Visnar Malinovska.

The meeting was also attended by Irena Gabrielaitiene, COACCH EC officer.

During the meeting the COACCH project aims and research strategy were introduced to DG CLIMA. The discussion then focused on the future devised and possible development of climate change policies to identify where COACCH research can maximize its policy relevance and support DG CLIMA action.

The meeting was extremely productive and participated. Thank you DG CLIMA!