On September 5, 2019 COACCH deputy coordinator Ramiro Parrado participated to the “Networking and knowledge sharing event for decarbonisation projects” organized by EASME and DG Research & Innovation with the following objectives:

  1. Addressing the challenge of defining the carbon-neutral pathways that are compatible with the Paris Agreement by taking into account both research and policy perspectives.
  2. Exchanging current experience in defined topics (i.e., focus groups) to not only gain insight into the current state of the art but also pin down the requirements needed for future developments.
  3. Providing a networking space, most of whose attendees (projects representatives, research & modelling teams and policymakers) to meet one to another and, in turn, raise questions together and share reflections on their ongoing projects.

The event allowed existing projects to showcase different approaches and methodologies to address climate, environmental, economic, and energy related impacts of policies which are considered to be of critical importance. At the same time new H2020 funded projects had the opportunity to introduce their future research seeking synergies and collaboration with ongoing funded projects.

Agenda of the event