A Chink in the Armour: How strong European economies are threatened by climate change

This paper analyses the impact of both gradual and extreme climatic stressors on sectoral (agriculture, industry, and services) labour productivity at the NUTS-2 level in EU. The authors use spatial econometrics and combine sub-national socioeconomic data with high-resolution climatic data. Results show significant differences in optimal climatic conditions for the three sectors and the under 2°C warming scenario, agricultural and industrial labour productivity in the EU will decline by 6-8% by mid-century.

The paper is authored by Shouro Dasgupta (Fondazione CMCC – RFF- EIEE and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), Jessie Granadillos (Climate Analytics), Fahad Saeed (Climate Analytics), and Malcolm Mistry (Fondazione CMCC and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice).

For more information, read the final programme of the IAERE Conference: http://iaere.org/conferences/2019/docs/iaere2019_prog.pdf