COACCH project held its fourth project meeting in Amsterdam from 12th to 13th March 2020. Despite travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 health emergency in Europe, the meeting was successfully held thanks to the remote attendance of almost half of our project’s partners and to the invaluable support from the research team at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

As scheduled, the meeting discussed the advancement of project activities which now count with climate impact assessments for all sectors considered in the project and summarized in the policy briefs available on COACCH website on this page. The upcoming outcomes of the project were the main issues at discussion during the meeting and among them the analysis of Climate and Socioeconomic Tipping Points, as well as the macroeconomic assessment of climate change impacts using different assessment tools for that purpose. Other important matters discussed at the meeting were the continuous stakeholder involvement in the project as well as the future workshops and conferences to be held to disseminate COACCH findings.