A key focus of the COACCH project is to proactively involve stakeholders to design and deliver research in a collaborative process. Because user needs and interests vary, COACCH is bringing together representatives from policy, business and industry, investment, research and civil society to encourage exchange of issues and ideas and to ensure the project’s outputs are targeted to real-life needs. This group of stakeholders will meet annually and have the opportunity to build a strong community of practice, drawing on shared interests and case study work undertaken by the project.

The objectives of the first interactive workshop, that will be held in Brussels on 17 May, 2018, are to:

  • Identify information needs and the potential uses of COACCH project results
  • Discuss key project research questions on the economics of climate change, tipping points and policy responses
  • Discuss and agree on the process for collaboration, including goals, outcomes, roles and responsibilities
  • Identify a set of joint products (outputs) to work towards.