What’s good for climate action is good for your health.

Right before the end of the COP24, Stakeholders Relations Leader for COACCH project Paul Watkiss (Paul Watkiss Associates) was invited by the European Commission to give a speech at its side event about the link between climate action and human health. The event took place on December 14, 2018 at the EU Pavilion in Katowice, and was organized in collaboration with the World Health Organisation, Climate Change Centre Austria, the European Commission (Climate Action) and the Climate and Energy Fund Austria.

What are the policy responses to protect public health from climate change impacts?

The discussion focused on European examples of how countries are addressing current and potential health burdens of climate impacts drawing on conclusions of a recent joint project between the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the European Commission. Speakers also looked at the ‘other side of the coin’ and discussed how climate mitigation measures such as urban mobility and diets can foster health co-benefits, including savings in health treatment costs down the line, presenting lessons learned from the First Austrian Special Report on Health, Demography and Climate Change published in Autumn 2018. The WHO also provided a European regional perspective on their work in calculating health co-benefits of implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions by country, based on the Paris Agreement.

See also: europa.eu/!Gu88jW