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COACCH (CO-designing the Assessment of Climate CHange costs) is an innovative research project gathering leading experts on climate change sciences from 14 European research institutions.

COACCH aims to advance a knowledge on climate change impacts and policy directly usable by stakeholder communities.

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Read the latest blog on "Local and regional governments as pathfinders for the transition to a low-carbon economy" by @innopathsEU

Inauguration of the CMCC@Ca’Foscari, a partnerships between @CmccClimate and @CaFoscari. Joining forces to create an excellence hub for climate change research and innovation. #CLARA_H2020, @PLACARD_EU @COACCH_EU

Great to talk about #adaptation to #climatechange at @journalismfest with @elisa_calliari @reportingMerola @italia_sicura #energya #EUfunded